SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve likely been confronted by an SEO company offering you a free report with everything that’s wrong with your website, right? (I’ll give you a freebie… ignore them.  They are trying to baffle you with B.S.!)

It’s hard to know who to believe, right?

The fact is that most small business queries/searches are saturated with your competitors.  It’s hard to break into the top search result because SEO companies have been doing their thing since the early 2000s, and usually, the search phrase that’ll get your phone ringing is already “locked up.”

I’m not going to blow smoke up your butt…

I’m happy to give you a hour of my time for free to discuss your potential for search engine optimization services.  I don’t take on very many SEO clients, because I want to know with 100% assuredness that I can get them results. So I’m going to give you my honest opinion about your situation.

Oftentimes, just doing LOCAL SEO is enough to get your phone to ring.  So I can advise you on that as a first step.

If your targeted search queries are impenetrable, I’ll let you know that too.  Then you should look at Google Ads to get your phone ringing.  Often, Google Ads are the fastest, and most direct way to get the phone ringing.

So let’s talk.  I’ll give you the low-down, in terms you can understand, if SEO is going to do anything for your site. There’s no obligation to move forward.

Call (813) 418-6833 today for a free consultation!