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eric hicks

I have a simple and direct value proposition for you

I’ve built nearly 1,ooo websites, and I’ve identified the issues small business owners have with hiring someone to build their website.

You want an affordable website that looks great, you want it done fast, and you want to be communicated with along the way so that you are not “surprised.”

Here’s why small business owners like working with me:

  • I build great websites, usually for under $1,000 (for up to a 10-page site)
  • To speed up the process, I pre-write most of the content for your site, which is what slows down most website projects. You can edit later for accuracy
  • I only work on one or two websites at a time so I can give you my attention
  • I “speak” small business owner! I can communicate with you on your level and know your needs as a small business owner.

Contact me at 813-418-6833 to explore working together.


Services I offer

wordpress website design

WordPress website design

I build WordPress websites exclusively for small businesses. Click the button to see examples of my work, and what specialty businesses niches I build sites for.

search engine optimization

SEO Consulting

Most small business owners I talk to want to know more about how SEO services can help them, but they often don’t know who to believe, or SEO companies have burned them in the past. I can explain SEO services to you in a way that you’ll fully understand so that you can make decisions.

Podcast production

Podcast Production

Podcasts are great lead-generation tools… if you do them right!   I’ve been producing podcasts since 2016. I can help you decide if podcasting is right for your business.