google play in the top navigation bar

So I just noticed this as I did my first Google search of the day.

Google Play

It seems that Google has positioned selling content front-and-center now.  When you either click through the top navigation item, or go directly to, you’ll find Google’s offering of Music, Books, Movies, and Android Apps.

If you explore the store a little, you’ll notice the “My” section (My Music, My Books, etc) in the navigation bar.  I’m curious, so I clicked My Music and was forced to agree with a terms of service.

Because I haven’t purchased anything yet, I’m still a little fuzzy on what My Music does yet, but the one thing that caught my eye was the Music Manager.  It says you can add your collection from iTunes and other media players.

Being a Mac user, I don’t think I’ll ever switch to something like this simply because I use iCloud and like the ability to sync my files across all devices, but I can definitely see this being a popular offering from Google for Windows, and definitely Android users.