Coby’s Pest Control is a local pest control company that performs standard pest and termite control. The owner wanted a site that looked professional and ranked well in search engine results for pest and termite control related searches.


  • Professional design
  • SEO
  • Custom Estimate Tool
  • Contact form
  • Sales video
  • Landing pages tied to PPC campaign


Using the CodeIgniter PHP framework, I built a custom estimation tool based on user input. Once the form was completed it sent an email to the user and notified the owner when the form was completed.

Extensive SEO work was done for this site to get it ranked for various city + “pest control” search phrases. I also set up a PPC campaign for this client where the ads point to custom landing pages.

I shot and edited a sales video for the owner and uploaded to YouTube. The video is embedded on the estimate page, as well as various landing pages.