Beware the Google new page “bump”

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I don’t know what Google calls it, but I call it the “Google bump”.  That is when new pages soar straight to the top of the rankings.  The problem is that a week or two later, they sink right back into oblivion.

How to autoplay play a YouTube video ONLY ONCE by setting a cookie

I found this gem of a code snippet today, courtesy of I was building a website out that I wanted to autoplay a YouTube video, but I didn’t want the video to autoplay every single time the viewer hit the home page.  I...

More CodeIgniter and GoDaddy Hosting Issues

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I am working on a client’s site who has a GoDaddy DELUXE Hosting account, and I started having problems that my previous post on “GoDaddy + CodeIgniter Issues” did not resolve (shared hosting account… not deluxe).

Use PHP’s date function to keep your Copyright date current

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Nothing screams “THIS WEBSITE HASN’T BEEN UPDATED IN A WHILE” like an out-of-date copyright notice in your footer. Several years ago, I decided to code a little smarter, and on every website that I’m responsible for, I insert a PHP snippet that displays the current year.  So now...

New idea for foiling form spam bots

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I just read a new, clever way of foiling form spam bots today. The gist of the method is to add a field to the form and enclose it in a DIV tag that is styled via CSS to be off the page (such as setting the margin -10000 or something like that).  A human would not fill that field...

New meta tags to show content original source or syndication

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Google announced the desire for publishers to use a new set of meta tags to indicate whether a post is original or syndicated. Here’s how it works…

5 Most Important Factors When Redesigning Your Web Site

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Eventually, every small business should update their website. Maybe you have a new logo, or you finally coordinated all your marketing materials on a single font style and color palate. Maybe you just finally wanted to breathe some new life into your website that was last updated...

HostGator and CodeIgniter: How to fix mod_rewrite

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I came across this problem today. I just purchased a HostGator Baby account.  I got everything installed, and CodeIgniter will pull up a home page, but any other page redirects to the home page.

CodeIgniter and GoDaddy Hosting Issues

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I had another snag in deploying a CodeIgniter application the other day. GoDaddy doesn’t allow you to have access outside of the web root. This is kind of a problem for CodeIgniter, because you really should install the system files outside of the web root for security reasons.

PHP Webbug / Clear gif Email Tracking

I had to create an email Open-Rate tracking system for a client the other day, so I thought I’d share it.  This code hides a 1×1 pixel, also called a Web Bug or Clear GIF, in the email, so that if the person views the email, it “phones home” and adds the incident to a MySQL...